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    USMC66, I have the 9MM conversion barrel for my Glock 22 and it works about 95% when I put in the barrel and use FACTORY Glock 9MM magazines. Every now and then I get a FTE. The reason for this is that the extractor for the .40 doesn't reach in far enough to grab the smaller 9MM shell and the ejector is not angled in far enough to kick out the shell, so it's working off of blow back only to eject, which works for the most part, but is not 100% reliable.

    If you aren't using the 9MM conversion for self defense it will most likely be fine for the range as long as you expect the occasional stove pipe or failure to eject. The simple fix provided you have some basic knowledge of Glock disassembly and reassembly is as follows if you are going to want the gun to operate with factory reliability:

    1) Buy and install the 9mm loaded spring bearing ($3) and the 9MM extractor ($20) and install in place of the .40 parts in your slide.

    2) Buy and install the 9MM trigger mechanism housing w/ejector ($10) and install in the place of the .40 cal part in your lower.

    3) Buy a Glock FACTORY 9MM magazine ($30).

    Once you make these changes in addition to the conversion barrel you Glock 22 will function as a true Glock 17 9MM. The total conversion to 9MM or back to .40 takes 10-15 minutes if you know what you are doing.

    I did mine this way for just for versatility and have had 100% reliability since. I only use the conversion occasionally, but at least I have options.
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    kep4321- I have a generation 3 Glock 22, did the Lone Wolf Conversion barrel and used KCI Drop Free Mags (CDNN $5.00) and tested it for an article on USA Carry ( ), and have run about 1500 rounds through the G22 with conversion (barrel & mag only) and have not had a FTF, FTE problem at all. I also have Glock Factory G17 mags and they look and work just like the KCI Drop Free mags.

    Also, a shooting partner of mine has the G27 and did the same conversion to his (barrel & mag) and he has fired close to 1000 rounds through his and he has not had the problem either.

    If the "straight ejector" of the .40 is not hitting the 9mm casing, you can angle it slightly with a needle nose pliers, you don't have to replace the whole trigger housing mechanism.

    My G22 was a PD Trade In and for it's age, did not show any wear indication (slide, barrel, etc.) and an armorer friend of mine said it looked LNIB, which made me very happy since I only paid $400 for it, the orig. case/kit and 4 mags.

    All I know is that this pistol is very reliable in 9mm conversion or natural .40S&W configuration.

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    PhantomII... Mine is also a Gen 3 Glock 22. It is the ejector you would bend not the extractor. The extractor is on the right side of the slide on the ejection port and it grabs the shell and pulls it to the ejector pin to knock it out in the right direction.

    As for bending a part that I intend on using again to put it back to .40 cal? No thanks, I'll spend $10 for the correct part and do it the right way. If these parts did not need to be different between calibers then they would all be the same from the factory, but they aren't.

    Like I said before.... For simple range use just a mag and conversion barrel are sufficient. But if you plan on leaving it in a 9MM configuration for carry or home defense, do it right and get the correct parts (they are cheap, about $35) or you may find yourself in a pinch with a malfucntion..... Not fun.....
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    PhantomII...thanks for the info, not the direction I was looking to go. I was thinking about switching to a G27 from the G26 to get away from two different calibers and to get both of my Glocks shooting the same ammo. After shooting the G27 I figured I would stay with the G26 as it is easier for me to control the recoil with the sub compact. The G22 is one of my favorites and will always be close by when I am home or even closer when the weather permits. Still have not had a single issue with either the G22 or G26, except they keep running out of ammo. I am fortunate to have a great gun shop just a mile down the road so restocking is not a problem.
  5. PhantomII

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    levelcross; There is a group of Glock owners here where I live in SE Missouri that have a variety of Glocks, mainly G17, G26, G22 & G27. A couple had found that the sub-compact G27 was a little stiffer on the recoil, but after they put the mag extender on their magazines it was easy to control. It gives the 'pinky' a place to rest on the grip.

    I know a few of the group who have done a 'reverse' conversion, i.e., putting a G27 .40S&W replacement barrel from Lone Wolf into their G26 and using G27 mags and have shot close to a thousand rounds through them with no discernible wear on the frame or slide.

    What I like about the Lone Wolf barrels is that the rim of the cartridge is fully supported and a blown head incident on a cartridge is greatly reduced. Accuracy is great, since it is a Match Grade barrel, and if you hand load, you don't have that noticeable "Glock Bulge" on the case head; and you can shoot lead bullets for lowering your "plinking/fun shooting" sessions.

    Yesterday I took my G22 and both barrels (9mm Conversion & .40S&W) out to my range on my farm and wanted to document shell extraction from my pistol. I put a blue poly-tarp around my shooting bench, set up the Glock into a Ransom Rest and fired a full mag of 9mm (17rnds) and a full mag of .40S&W (15 rnds).

    The 9mm cases all extracted and ejected between 1.5' to 3' to my 4 o'clock position (over the right shoulder).

    I then did the same thing with the .40S&W G22 Barrel and they all extracted and ejected with no problems to my 5 o'clock position at 2'-3.5' distance.

    The G22 had all original parts for the G22 in it. I have NEVER had a FTE or a Stovepipe in this pistol. It has been 100% reliable, and I like the versatility that Glock enabled in their pistols by keeping same frame construction for their pistol lines (i.e., Large Frame, Short or Compact Frame, and Sub-Compact Frames).

    levelcross, I do believe that if you put the finger extension base plate on the G27 mag, that you could go to a common caliber for both Glock frames and have as much control over the .40 as you have on the 9mm.

    Mag Extension at ($1.99)

    Glock Factory 27 mag at ($22.99)

    Glock Factory 27 mag w/extension at ($29.99)

    As far as CCW aspects with the finger extension on the mags? It really does not change the ability to keep the weapon concealed. I have carried a G22 in a duty holster prior to retirement (former Military & LEO) and I have successfully carried it concealed in an IWB Kholster Holster with no problems.

    Wolf barrels makes a Great Pistol even better due to multi caliber capabilities!

    Like I said earlier, the group of shooters that use my private range have "converted" their Glocks up from 9mm and down from .40S&W with no problems, no FTF, no FTE, no Stovepipes!


  6. chkyr6

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    definitely like and rely on on my G-22...thousand of rounds through it and no problems...oil the rails and youre good to go.
  7. PhantomII

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    chkyr6 ,

    I like the Glock 22 also and it is one of my "go to pistols" for CCW in a Kholster holster. Makes it readily accessible and yet completely concealed...

    Rather than using just oil on the rails, I use Bownell's "Action Lube Plus" . Just a little bit applied with a toothpick will make the slide and action really smooth and virtually stops the wear and tear on the slide and rails. The smallest jar they sell will last you a lifetime. After some 8000 rounds through my Glock it still looks and functions like new! Get a Lone Wolf Match Grade Barrel in .40 S&W and accuracy really improves, and you can get a conversion barrel from Lone Wolf in 9mm or .357 SIG and make the pistol even more versatile. You only have to change the magazine for the 9mm conversion, using Glock or KCI Glock 17 mags.

    It is a great pistol, and really fun to shoot!
  8. jbfla

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    I hope most of you are aware that all models of the Glock 40 caliber can be converted to 9MM by purchasing a conversion barrel for around $100 and getting some 9MM magazines. That way you can shoot what you choose.

    I have done this to all of my G22's and this conversion works fine. I rarely shoot 40 caliber now due to the cost.
  9. PT80

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    I shot my friends Glock 22 and it functioned flawlessly, but there was only one problem, I couldn't hit the target to save my life. My local gun dealer tells me he is big Springfield guy because when you fire the Glock, you have to aim slightly lower than what you are pointing at. the Glock 22 fts great in the hand and I don't recall much in the way of recoil even for the 40 cal version. I am not trashing Glock by any means, I just dont know how to shoot one.
  10. SW-Insured

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    It's rare to hear of a Glock that is inaccurate. What is your friend's experience with this G-22? Does he use a point-of-aim at 6 o'clock, dead-center, or 12 o'clock?

    If he doesn't know (which would be strange) then use a bench rest or sand bag rest to test point-of-aim at 10 yds, 17 yds, and 25 yds. If your shots are grouping at 12 o'clock after aiming at dead center -- then your point-of-aim should be 6 o'clock. This is the best way to determine if it is the shooter, or the gun.

    Keep in mind that your groups will vary depending on type of ammo used (i.e. 180 gr FMJ vs 165 gr JHP vs +P loads).

    Also, get snap caps to practice dry firing. Pay particular attention to the front sight for movement as you pull the trigger. Trigger pull is one of the primary reasons for inaccurate shots.

    Sight Alignment: Level = iii Low = |i| High = i|i
  11. kep4321

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    PT80, I own several Glocks in different calibers and barrel lengths and I have never had to shoot low to hit my target with any of them using any type of ammo. I would be suspicious of any gun dealer who told me that. Maybe he makes more money on the Springfield pistols and that's what he wants to sell you.

    Just for the record I also own a Springfield XD45 and love it. It shoots no better or worse than any of my Glocks.
  12. PhantomII

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    When I first shot my G22, I couldn't hit the target to save my life, at least where I was pointing it. I did what SW-Insured suggested and shot from a sandbag rest and found the pistol was not the fault! I found that the Glock trigger was my problem, as it was my first exposure to this type of trigger/safety setup. Once I started dry-fire practice and squeezing the trigger steadily and not jerking it, my shooting improved dramatically. Now I don't even think of it anymore...


    We have had several discussions on the caliber conversions of the Glock here, and yes, it is one of the best deals going. If you are a reloader, use of the Lone Wolf Match Grade barrels will improve your accuracy with the Glock as it has a chamber that supports the head of the casing better so as to prevent the Glock Bulge thereby making it easier to re-size and reload the ammo.

    You can also "Move Up" in caliber by doing the reverse conversion and take a G17 up to .40 S&W, and the G26 up to .40 S&W for a fraction of the cost of another pistol.

  13. PT80

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    I will have to find out when I get back out to their house as to how they shoot it. I think the first issue was that I was shooting the gun for the first time. I will have to try out your suggestions next time. Most guns I own seem to take me about 2 or so magazines for me to figure out how to properly shoot with it and I only shot one magazines worth of (what I now recall to be) Hollow Points through this gun. I dont recall the brand name of the hollow point but I remember they did not look really cheap or really expensive, something like the winchester HP's that I buy from walmart. I take that back, I may still not properly shoot my guns, I'm just able to hit center mass effectively in range conditions.
  14. jpicton

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    I have a beretta 92FS, and am able to put 5 rounds in a half-dollar size pattern at 25 yards. when I use my Son's Glock 22, im lucky to have them in a pie plate size pattern. In fairness, I have not fired as many rounds through his gun, but I just feel it is not as accurate as the Beretta.
  15. tigwelder56

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    Hey JP, I'll bet you gun for gun that I can shoot my Glock better than I can shoot your Beretta! I think you'd take that bet if the tables were turned wouldn't you? The moral of the story is "He who practices most, generally wins!" A quality gun in the hands of a dedicated shooter will usually finish ahead of those that ignored that rule. But a sub quality gun in the hands of a qualified shooter will generally beat the pants off of an unqualified shooter with a quality gun. Can someone tell me the moral to that story please? It comes down to practice and determination. That goes for life in general. Without one of them, you'll probably be shown a thing or two. Obama hasn't learned that lesson yet...
  16. snke_doctr

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    I had some difficulty adjusting to the Glock 22 as did PT80 but I think it was due to the 40S&W ammo burning faster than other calibers resulting in more perceived recoil (which was a surprise the frist shot I fired). I've been shooting for approx 30yrs, use proper grip, trigger pull, etc.

    From your posts you appear a smart guy. What's you take on this?
  17. PhantomII

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    snke doctr;

    You can practice getting a better trigger action on the Glock by using a dry-fire practice.

    I got this hint from Rob Pincus on the Personal Defense Network ; 1) Rack the slide to cock the pistol;

    2) take a penny and balance it on the front sight;

    3) holding the pistol out in front of you;

    4) slowly squeeze the trigger while not causing the penny to fall off;

    5) while the striker is released by the trigger, keep the penny on the front sight.

    Keep practicing this until the tendency to 'jerk' the trigger is gone and then go to the range and practice the same trigger technique in a live fire drill. You'll find that your shooting accuracy will improve.

    Another thing to practice at the range is shoot your target then try to consciously aim at that first hole in the target. Over a couple of magazines of ammo you see that the group tightens up a lot.

    At least these two practices helped me with the Glock and my Taurus...
  18. SGT278ACR

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    Just bought a Glock 22 (Gen 2) for $369 off They were police trade-ins. I always wanted a Glock, but didn't want to pay the price, so this was a good deal. After reading the reviews on this website I also ordered a 9mm conversion barrel and Glock 17 mag from Cheaper Than Dirt. Can't wait to hit the range to see how she does in both calibers. Anyone got any feedback on performance after shooting 9mm with it?
  19. PhantomII

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    I also have the conversion barrel for my G22 and have shot about 5000 rounds through it for a review that I did for USA Here is their link to the article: There has been a lot of comments showing interest in the conversion.

    In essence, what you have with the 9mm Conversion installed is a Glock 17, and the pistol functions fine with just the drop-in barrel and the G17 Magazine. If you are looking for additional magazines in 9mm or .40 S&W, you can get the Korean KCI mags that will function just like a Glock Mag. If you buy them (they will be in the $5-$8 range) ensure that you get the "Drop Free" mags as they will drop from the pistol when you hit the mag release. You can get them at CDNN Sports. The others will need to be removed manually.

    There has been a little over 5000 9mm rounds through my G22, and 4000 9mm rounds through a G27 conversion, have not had any malfunctions, point of aim is still right on. I am entirely satisfied with the performance of the Glock. I have also ordered a Lone Wolf .40 S&W barrel for my G22, and it is much more accurate than the Glock OEM barrel. The Lone Wolf barrels are conventional 'lands & grooves' rifling but the barrel is a 'match grade' barrel. Much more accurate.

    After you go to the range and test yours out, let us know how you like it! You made a good decision...

    //Phantom II//