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Discussion in 'Pistols' started by eteasley, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Ok, thanks for the help.I didn't want to post it for sale then find out I had mis-represented it to someone.
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    If you could only ever have one gun this would have to be it. Easy to shoot, easy to strip, easy to clean, accurate, reliable, reasonably priced. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the Glock 19

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    TJS, Very good, simple post! I have had a G-19 for many Yrs now, and it's the most reliable Weapon I own!
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    I thought I'd be able to answer your question fairly quickly but "silly me" I was very wrong!! I wasn't even familiar with some of the information I dug up on the differences! But that's what we're all here to ferret out, right? So here goes;

    There are several yet few changes between the two generations (following me?) ha, ha! The Gen 4 has a reversable magazine catch, replaceable backstraps, a rough textured frame and the original single recoil spring was replaced by a dual spring system. I've also found out that Glock has modified that upgrade (recoil spring) several times already! It's said now that with the dual spring system, the recoil from the .40SW has been tamed substantially. Glock has made modifications in the Gen 4 design now to allow use of the Gen 3 spring system with the proper retrofit kit. Glock is said to be replacing the recoil spring assembly in it's 4th Gen. pistols except the sub compact models #26 & 27 pistols sold before July 22, 2011. The only other thing I can remember is that the Gen 4 magazines will not fit any of the previous generation guns due to the changes made for ambidextrous use. Hopefully I've given you enough info to help you with your decision! I own the 2nd Gen. model 23 purchased new in 96 and have never had a single failure of any type, with any ammo under any condition. Just a superb handgun. I'd buy a dozen more if I could get them, lol!! Buying a Glock used to be an absolute no brainer, but now it's going to take as much research as the rest brands on the market. Good luck BPV!!

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    I have a gen 4 Glock 19. It has never failed to fire, even with the original recoil spring assembly. It's accurate, easy to conceal and rugged as hell. One of the best fighting pistols ever made. I have it on my hip as I type this, loaded with 124gr +P JHPs.