Glock 17 gen 4 replacement spring

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by rioblaze, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. rioblaze

    rioblaze Member

    I recently got the replacement guide rod/spring for my new Glock. Before I got it I was having problems with the gun not ejecting the shells.

    I just put 400 shells through it. I had one fail to eject, but overall I guess it's better than before. I'm a little disapointed that Glock didn't test the generation 4 pistols before they put them on the market.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problems with the new gun? Did the new spring fix the defect in the gen 4?

    Thanks, Rio

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    The 4th Gen Glocks had their share of problems. So much so, that many forums advised potential buyers to stay away from the 4th generation altogether.

    It seems Glock's 4th gen problems have all been remedied, but it seems strange they released them prematurely.
    Anyway, it seems Glock is back on top and none the worse for their SNAFU.

  3. JustBen

    JustBen Well-Known Member

    I still buy the Gen3's since they are still being produced and so easy to customize.