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    I've had the NRA toolbar on my PC for years and it is AMAZING!!
    I get the daily NRA-ILA RSS feed with a single click and it gives me the updates of pending legislation for any State.
    Notifies me of government actions that require my immdiate attention (call, emails to Congress)
    Immediate notifications of gun law changes in any State.
    Grassroots notices all gunowners should be aware of.
    Second Amendment news thePapers and TV will never tell you about.
    Instant access to the NRA-PVF.
    instant ability to add non-liberal (aka, Censored) News feeds like and other conservative news feeds.
    NRA Programs and publications.
    Nra Freedom Action Foundation.
    Plus, it generates new members by using the Yahoo Search Engine (instead of Anti-Gun Google).

    It looks GREAT, too and works with drop-down menus so it uses little space.
    It works with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Firefox.

    I'd be lost without my NRA Toolbar if I had to do without it.... I LOVE IT !!

    Download it FREE Right Here:

    Very easy to uninstall if, for some reason, you don't like it.
    Download this great tool and help Support 'OUR' Second Amendment and unalienable FREEDOMS.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    I can't get the NRA-ILA toolbar & news feeds to work on this new lapyop I got yesterday.
    Won't work on IE or Firefox... I'm really going to miss that.

    Stupid MS only offers a bunch of lefty-liberal Nancy junk. This will be some work!!