FN 1910 Takedown guide needed

Discussion in 'Website Help' started by jimafm, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. jimafm

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    Any one know where I can find a takedown guide for an FN 1910? I just got a WWII Japanese Airforce officer's with holster and spare mag, and I want to check/photo it so I can list it for sale.
  2. tigwelder56

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    Finding the complete manual has been interesting! Take a look at these websites and see if it will help. http://unblinkingeye.com/Guns/1910FN/1910fn.html

    The only manual I could find is a 1953 copy in Dutch!! http://www.pistole38.nl/manuals/Dutch-manual-FN1910-FN1922-1953.pdf http://firearmspedia.com/fn-1910/. If you copy it and run it past Google translation, you should get it explained in English! I'll let you do that :) Aside from that, the schematic should be help regardless of language. Good luck!!