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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by anthony68, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. anthony68

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    Looking to buy my first set of electronic ear muffs,I would like to try and stay in the 50 dollar price range.

    What should i look for when buying these,what brand and what store to look at.

    Should I spend a little more on them?

    I shoot alot of handguns.
  2. neverenough

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    Hey, anthony68.....Just ran across your inquiry and notice you have had no response! (Don't you hate that?)

    Anyhow, Caldwell mfg. puts out some pretty decent muffs that don't require a second (or third?) job. I have a set of their Platinum Series that have been doing their part extremely well....cost runs @$60.00. They use 6 AAA batteries, 3 in each side and you will be amazed just how long the run time is!

    Caldwell states 250 hour runtime and they are not too far off.

    Depending on the situation, I sometimes use mine turned off, as when I'm isolated down at my little homemade range but if there is any chance anyone is around (especially as when at the sanctioned ranges) the muffs are on! They enhance hearing @ 5 times greater.....you will notice when you step on a dry leaf, you tend to jump back in alarm.....what the hell was that?

    When you fire one of your handguns (or rifle) all the super enhanced hearing is cut off (at @86 decibels) and it almost sounds as though you have a silencer setup.

    IF you do much rifle shooting and lay into the stock too close (as I tend to do) you would want to get one of their "low profile" types though to avoid clanking the muff into the stock!

    OK, I ramble on......


  3. razr

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    Howard Leigh has had good reviews. They might be a bit tight at first. Avoid Peltors if you can. None work all that good indoors.
  4. ckerstann

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    I bought two sets of Caldwell muffs about a year and a half ago for 30 bucks apiece. They work very well and are comfortable.

    Midway Shooters Supply carries them.