Do I need a gun? How do you decide?

Discussion in 'New Gun Owners' started by brian3, May 15, 2011.

  1. brian3

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    I'm 66, average size, live in a good area west of Detroit, no trouble in 11 years. Why should I own a gun..seriously. What goes into the decision to buy one?
  2. Will_Carry

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    To own a gun or not to own a gun.....that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

    And by opposing end them.....(I had to memorize that as a kid)

    'tis better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

    If you have gone 66 years and never needed a gun, chances are you will never need one for personal protection, but I could be wrong.

    I grew up with firearms. It just a part of my lifestyle. I enjoy hunting and target shooting. As far as self defense is concerned, street smarts and good common sense will get you out of more trouble than a gun (but not all). Gun ownership is a tremendous resposiblity and if you choose to purchase one you will need to accept that. Safety training is a must. Before I purchased a gun, in 2011, I would find a place to shoot it like a local shooting range. Then learn the 4 laws of gun safety, then rent a gun and see how you like it.

    It's great stress relief. Good luck brother.

  3. MightyFoFaad

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    @ Will_Carry ...To be, or not to be ... what was the question? Oh yeah, good answer, and eloquently stated. brian3 sounds like he's been thinking about this for a while & probably wants either (1) somene to give him a nudge in the direction he already wants to go and/or (2) some good talking points to use on his wife whose been resolute about "not" having a gun in the house. Other than that ... I have never met a man or woman yet, who has taken a turn behind a .22 rifle ... and didn't think it was fun. brian3 "DO IT!"
  4. ulgydog56

    ulgydog56 Well-Known Member

    hey you live by detroit,i grew up there ...get training and get a gun......they go to the suburbs to get there money,let no other man direct my destiny.........
  5. robalan

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    When I get in my car I put a seat belt on every time. It is nice to have the protection. Years could go by without an accident or it may not happen at all. Even with the belt on I could get hurt or killed. But it is smart to wear it. Having a gun is basically the same thing. With a little luck you will never need it. But it is nice to have it just in case....
  6. razr

    razr Well-Known Member

    Dont wait till you are 80 years old. I know you want one or you wouldnt be asking that question.

    Most of us wont get a chance to shoot an intruder. So look at guns as fine mechanical scupltures that can control an explosion within a couple of feet in front of your face. Come on, I am running out of ideas, go get one and may be you'll end up with the same addiction like the rest of us where you'll need a new one every 30 days.
  7. Gloc9mm

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    *Hopefully no, you will never NEED a Gun. But it's a lot like your having Health Insurance. Hopefully you will not need it, But if you do... your family could go under financially because you never prepared. But unlike Health Ins, in this day and age your entire family could end up dead if you have nothing to defend y'all with.

    *Preperation is the key here!

    The nice thing about weapons is you also get to play with them at the Range, so it's never a useless investment. Turn your thinking into making it more of a hobby that just might save either your or someone elses life one day. I have carried for over 30 yrs and Thank God I have never had the need to pull it out in public. And it also gives me an easy feeling each night when I lay my head down to sleep, knowing it is right next to me on the end table!

    *Go for it, we all know you want one! Just don't be dumb and purchase the cheapest thing you can find. (Reliability ratings and comments are right here to your left for most weapons.)

    **BUT, If you cannot afford reliable, IMHO I'd suggest you don't purchase one until you can. Plus if you do decide to purchase one, also go the extra mile and get proper training and a CCW. (Carry Permit) A Weapon is useless when it is home when you just might need it!

    PS- Was your question asked to justify buying one for yourself, or to get a load of reasons for your wife so she allows it?? *Just kiddin Buddy!!
  8. ulgydog56

    ulgydog56 Well-Known Member

    ditto that guns tend to increase in value over time,that are a commodity...............
  9. bulletproofvest

    bulletproofvest Member

    Not everyone should be given the privilege to handle a gun, especially if they don't use it with proper ethics.


    Protect yourself from immediate death.
  10. snke_doctr

    snke_doctr Well-Known Member

    Big descision, but since you're asking you must be at least 80% sure you WANT one. Read what people's posts on this Forum are saying; go to a few gun ranges & rent semi-autos & revolvers, see which kind of firearm you like best, does it fit your hand, can you reach the trigger, does it hold the amount of ammo you'd like it to;

    When you obtain your CCW, ask the police about gun safety classes (they'll be very helpfull). Do this first; with it you can purchase a handgun & not have to wait for any paperwork to go thru(you will have already done it).

    When you do decide to buy a gun, go to several shops, ask ?'s til you find a good place w/ helpfull, knowledgeable

    people & purchase written material about gun laws in your state as well as safety courses (a lot of gun shops offer free membership w/ the NRA).

    All kidding aside, if your wife or girl friend is hasseling you about gun ownership, take her to the range w/ you. She might just discover for herself how much fun shooting is.

    Stay safe my friend.
  11. MustangLX

    MustangLX Member

    razr, I like your analogy of "mechanical sculpture". Although I became familiar with firearms at a young age, my biggest love was cars, followed by motorcycles, and later on Peterbilts.

    But during that time, I've always owned a gun or two and in the last decade or so the number of guns I own has surpassed the number of Mustangs I have ever owned.

    I've grown to love the mechanical simplicity of a revolver, which I equate to an old, bare bones Harley. No fairings or gauges. The exposed engine and tranny revealing the essential basics of a functioning machine.

    I have always refered to my long, polished .44 mag as my "coffee table gun". Too big to carry concealed, but enjoy displaying it occasionally.

    From this point forward, the word "sculpture" will come to mind whenever I handle it.
  12. ulgydog56

    ulgydog56 Well-Known Member

    ya its a addiction, being a mechanical contrator,I love all machines and the ones that go bang.....
  13. Gloc9mm

    Gloc9mm Well-Known Member

    In this day and age, I personally like to look at weapons as necessary tools. You may want every type of tool made, yet hope and pray you never need to use one!
  14. grotto213

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  15. ecurrent

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    I carry but with great trepidation and steel determination. I was raised hunting for food, am former military, and basically an old fart closer to 100 than zero. I have pulled a weapon on a man only once in half a century (while on Quarterdeck watch US Navy). He decided to live. I thank God I never had to kill anyone. As my Seal friend said... "You carry your ghosts".

    I recommend you take a CCW course (Carry Concealed Weapon). It will give you the pros AND cons to owning and carrying a weapon.
  16. tigwelder56

    tigwelder56 Well-Known Member

    @ecurrent, welcome to the forum! I read your post and want to tell you that it was one of the best descriptions and explanations of CCW responsibility I've read. I particularly like the comment from your Seal friend. That statement means alot, especially from a Warrior like that. Thanks!
  17. razr

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  18. eisen

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    shooting for me is about 80% pleasure and 20% insurance, i don't like crime and all the stupid stuff people do to support their bad habits, nice and or good people put up with it by putting locks,fences,bars,and all the security stuff into theirs lives. just to keep this nasty stuff at bay. and when mean people step up they bad behavior to include bodily harm to me or my family its high time to show them a boundary and a price ,they must pay, i'm to old to fist fight bad boys,and i can not afford a body guard, police and sheriff depts are cutting back on personel big time in this area, and i can not pretend that the guy who invaded my house via locked bed room window did this by accident. we live in a nice neighbor hood,with nice people, it did happen here, nice is on the bad guys menu.we are the prey, if this has not been a problem for u YET congradulations, do u know for certain that it will Never Happen To u .
  19. GOANRA

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    The question is rarely 'Do' I need a gun, but 'WILL' I Need a Gun?

    Also, it is not, 'HOW' do you decide, but 'WHEN'.

    My thinking is, I WILL need a gun and the time to decide is BEFORE your home is invaded, car is 'jacked', loved ones raped &/or killed, government tyranny takes your home and freedoms away, etc.

    I've known of countless people (may they rest in peace) who thought they would never need to protect themselves.

    Hundreds of others must live with the memories of rapes, robberies, beatings, being maimed, etc.

    ALL in the Detroit area. One of the worst I've seen as an LEO was at 12 mile & Haggerty... nice neighborhood.