Dillon Super 1050 or ?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by tkdguy, May 13, 2010.

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    I have a Hornady Projector Press Circa 1994 which works great but it's production is slow; inpart, because I am very careful to manually load the bullets into the case neck on 9mm or 357. I am thinking that I'd like to move up to a Dillon Super 1050 because it is believed to have a much higher productio rate. I think this model will feed cases and bullets with a single down stroke. I can not find reviews on this model so if anyone has a direct experience with it I would like to hear from them. Also, if these is another progressive press out their that is equal to or better than this one perhaps someone can advise me.

    I have the availability of several thousand cases of most pistol brass and both lead and jacketed bullets. I do not know if the 1050 will feed lead bullets, so this is a consideration. Any advise someone can offer would be greatlly appreciated. tkdguy
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    I own a Dillon 650. Neither the 650, 1050, or any other hand loader that I'm familiar with, loads the bullets automatically. They are placed by hand into position. Your cycle rate is dependent on how fast you can place the bullet on top of the shell and pull the handle. If you have trouble placing the bullet, you might not have the proper adjustment for belling the case mouth. My machine is rated at 800 - 1000 rds./hr. and I generally do about 500 - 600 rds./hr. at a careful and easy pace. That is with all the accessories like the casefeed assembly to help keep the production going.

    I love my Dillon. It's engineered fantastically well. Changing calibers is a breeze if you get a separate tool head for each caliber. Then it's pull 2 pins, slide out the tool head, slide in the next, and change a couple bushings. The whole caliber change can be done in 2 minutes and then you're plugging away again.