Cost of Ammo = ACCESSORIES

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    Since ammo prices are still high, I spend less time shooting lately and have been uograding my firearms.
    I have fund a boat-load of good stuff on and other online dealers.
    I have even found my little local gunstores have some amazing parts on hand.
    Lately, I've upgraded some optics, grips, lights, triggers, slings, holsters, extra mags, etc.

    I'm actually keeping up on routine maintainence on cleaning, Putting new springs in old mags.
    Next, I'm planning a new setup in my safes, I learned about for setting-up my sidearms in a smaller area + being in a 'easier-to-grab' position.... with a low to no cost. Saw it on Youtube.

    I refuse to go to a third gunsafe.
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    I've been doing the same thing! I just finished setting up a loading bench in my office. I'm not sure my wife is as excited about it as I am but it is simply great IMO!! I've got all of my favorite toys in one room now and am thoroughly enjoying it. The only problem thus far is finding the parts I need to upgrade my loader. I was given two Lee Loaders, they don't have a part number so I'm still trying to track down the info I need to locate the parts. One is progressive and the other has a single stage with a three hole top. I can't find powder disks for the progressive and the single stage has what appears to be a ram that must be a specific caliber. I've gotten the progressive to work but the loads are light using the auto powder measure that came with it. So I removed that and have been hand loading the powder using a Lee scoop and my digital scale. It has one of those primer strip systems on it and finding them is impossible thus far.

    I'm in total agreement though, it's a great time to upgrade what you own and hopefully the cost of ammo will drop sometime in the near future. Although I'm not going to hold my breath while waiting for that to happen. Maybe the Department of Homeland Security will hold off of their rampant ammunition purchasing and allow the US Citizen the opportunity to get their hands on some of it. I don't think they actually give a flying crap about our needs though, so I'm not going to count on that happening anytime soon...