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Discussion in 'Competition' started by MarkGrimes, Jul 12, 2010.

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    is colt army single action the top of the line for cowboy shooting?
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    I'll agree with that statement. I don't do CAS but I have a good friend who does Cowboy Mounted Shooting which is a bit different. He says most people use the Ruger Vaquero for a variety of reasons. It's relatively cheap, virtually indestructable in relationship to SAA clones and doesn't need a lot of modifications. Some people will choose to have a trigger job and will modify the grips to suit hand size, but that's about all that needs to be done. This is coming from a guy who can afford what he wants. He says that some people will have Colt Custom Shop SAA's and other heavily modified or custom pistols but in his discipline it doesn't provide much if any advantage other than you want them.

    That being said, he tells me that the extra weight is an advantage in mounted shooting but is not necessarily a good thing in CAW. The very best firearms are in CAW are custom shop weapons with companies like Cylinder and Slide either building or heavily modifying weapons like the Ruger. He says the company with the best reputation out of the box is called US Firearms, which costs more bucks than the Ruger but a lot less than custom shop weapons.