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Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by Gambler, Jan 27, 2007.

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    I have many Olsen hunting knives that range from hunting, bowie, case, and lock blades. All of these knives are of various materials including bone and various exotic woods. Because these knives came from the Howard City factory in Michigan, does this help with their collectability? Does Olsen really have any calling in the collectable world?
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    Howard City Olsen is different from the knives made in Solingen Germany.

    In that sense theyre unique. Unique means theyre collectable.

    When I go to gun shows I shop for discontinued knives. Schrade went out of business in the US and was later bought out by some Asian mfg.

    I have American Schrade, some folders with carbon steel blades.

    Collectable depends on what it is, how rare, and the demand.

    But your Olsens are collectable. You can Google them.

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    Schrade.......out of Business in USA ?! God the North-East US is dying. It's a Pot/dish washers 'paradise' . I bought a Smith & Wesson "First Run"'Homeland Security' Tanto lockblade Boot knife for Twenty bucks (discontinued). Purchase was at a Dicks' franchise Sporting Goods Store......... Manufacture....was in...China . Found that in the fine stamping on the blades' Hilt when I got home. The Hell..... I have steel stock , an Anvil , Hammers , Tongs . I'll make my own Furnace with a variable speed blower and Make MY OWN Knives. AMERICAN BOWIE !! China , Indeed ! Hmmmn , the Tanto did start there.....Nahhh, no ...MY OWN.
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    hey moose didn't you know the whole world is made in china but becareful they are making it out of lead