Cobra CA (Raven) Reviews

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by ActiveFan, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Missionx5

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    Dad bought one in 380 after a bit of an incident/ threat. It shoots every time you pull the trigger, but the first thing I thought when he showed it to me was "wow, how can a gun so small weigh so much" He picked it up new at a retail store for $89 bucks. I'd say that is cheap protection.
  2. DepDoug

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    My wife had a .25 cal Raven. I just sold it and bought her a Ruger LCP .380. Anyway, for a guy with large hands, the slide on the Raven would cut my hand. This gun is for people with small hands. As for stopping power of the .25 cal, there isn't any that I can imagine unless you have close up head or face shots? The sights are very accurate. Blazer ammo with the aluminum shell casings have a tendency to not feed well. Brass casings feed without any problem at all. I suppose that the .25 cal is better than nothing.

  3. nifong

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    I feel like a complete idiot. When re assembling the Raven I put the firing pin in backwards. Now gun wont dry fire or disassemble. Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this screw up?
  4. jhon324

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    could some 1 sell me this gun and ship it to me in the uk ill pay extra
  5. jb123

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    I bought a new .380 a while back at a gun show but just today got around to taking it to the range and I'm far from impressed. I put 25 rounds down range and spent rounds got caught once or twice out of every five. Seems like junk compared to my Glock. The blue plastic case broke along the hinge somehow while I was at the range. Everything about this gun seems sub-par. I guess you get what you pay for. Also, its too small for my hands but that isn't the gun's fault. I got it for my wife but if she lets me, I'll sell it and get her something else. Is it possible this was a lemon? Do these really jam that much? If the s*** hits the fan, I want my Glock.