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Discussion in 'Competition' started by MarkGrimes, Jul 14, 2010.

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    is c z hammer coach a good shotgun
  2. whitehood

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    I asked my bud about coach guns who shoots mostly the cowboy mounted matches but is involved in the CAS as well. It seems that the CZ is rated top of the line and that the Stoeger is a best buy. There are a large number of other weapons out there. There is a "brand" called TTN which supposively is very good. I'm told to stay away from the Baikal's but Remington's Spartan may be made by Baikal. Century Arms International also imports them, either from China or Turkey. Like a lot of things in competitive shooting, ultimately the stock weapons don't quite cut it when you reach a certain level and want to make points and shave a fraction of a second.


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    I saw a 10 GA SS Coach gun at my local dealer last year.

    Always wanted a Coach Gun, so had-to-have-it.

    Came back the next day and it was gone.

    Not a problem, I just went to the 'next' line of my "Have-to-Have-List".

    I guess ammo would've been a pain to find.

    Used to be the 10 GA Magnums were easy enough to find ??

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    I really cannot explain why, but I have always wanted a coach gun.

    It is quite often I still think about the one below... I 'assumed' I'd see one like it again, someday.

    I really, majorly, blew it, that time.