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    I just bought my first handgun, a Hi Point .45, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. Handguns are new to me, I'm more familiar with the M-16 and the m-60 from being in the service. I haven't been able to find any instructions of any sort on breaking the gun down for cleaning. I would also like to know exactly where/what am I supposed to oil on this as I have been told to make sure I oil it real good before I shoot it. If anyone can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    Hello irocz

    let me be the first to say welcome and thank you for your time in the service. I bought A High Point C9 a couple of years ago just for fun it shoots pretty good but can be finicky mine likes to be run pretty wet like an AR. Don't take it apart unless you know what you are doing.I've been taking guns apart and cleaning them for years and let me tell you the High point is a bigger pain than a Ruger mark 1. There are lots of little parts that like to fall out and it takes three hands to reassemble it. Hose it down with Break Free CLP. Scrub it with a soft brush and hose it down again to wash out the loose stuff. Shake out the excess wipe it down run a dry patch through the bore and your good to go.

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    Instead of hosing it down with CLP (which is fine stuff and not cheap) I would do the hosing with some of the aerosol gun cleaner. Don't use the regular brand on plastics though, they make a synthetic kind for that and it works good. That stuff really cleans well and for those guns that are hard to take apart, it works great. Then apply the CLP as needed. It may take some extra because that spray solvent really removes everything.

    Here's a link to a copy of your pistols owners manual and disassembly procedure. It's not a great manual so you might keep looking for something better.
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    Judgeparker and Blackrifle:

    Thanks guys for getting back to me so quick, I really appreciate the help. It's good to know there are still some people out there that are willing to help someone out. I am a member at various types of different sights and no matter what sight I am at or what the topic of discussion is about, when someone posts that they need help cuz something is new to them it seems that most people today would rather post some kind of smart ass condescending remark like they are the king of the world and you are just ignorant. The funniest part about it is is that a large percent of the time those people have no idea what they are talking about. Well anyway, thanks again for the help.
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    People here are some of the best I've met. We're all here to help each other, because there are few willing to step up and do it. I know what you mean, it's very hard to find someone that's serious when you need help.

    Don't hesitate to let us know if you have a question and we won't hesitate to give you an answer!!
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    Hey 86 you're dating your self!! The M60 is no mas. now we use the SAW(5.56). I miss it though. better balistics on the 7.62. Went active in 85 got out and now been reserve for well ever.. I don't miss the BDU's though. ACU has it's problems but they are nicer. and no boot shining...

    Used to own a 86 IROC. Black t-tops. changed out the runners, chip, rear end etc. demon fast. sold it b4 my deploy to a guy for his kid(he wrecked it in one week)

    The forum is great. a few chuckle heads but all in all a good source of info and chat with like minded people. Just watch out for tig(j/k tig) Black and Judge dread lol gave you spot on advice also.

    Judge the MK I isnt so bad, just the bolt assembly with the little spring in it..
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    Be careful CLP can deactivate rounds. Don't store clip in pistol with loose CLP. Never rapid fire first rounds. Especially handloads with no crimp or sealant!
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    Eezox won't disable your primers or powder!
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    QUICK NOTE: Midway USA is having a clearance and EEZOX is on the list !!!!!!!
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    cappaletti, are you still around?

    Last I heard from you was at the B&B site. Too bad they gave it up and left it to the spammers.

    I enjoyed your knowledgable info.