cheap body armor for home defense

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    Very good question, here is my 2 cents.

    In the middle of the night, you hear the glass break. You get out of bed, grab your weapon, don your armor, and engage? Unless you live in Al Gores house, you will have run out of time, and get yourself dead.

    On the other hand, body armor does make great sense for defense of property if society takes a total dump, and law enforcement is not option.

    In any case, if I had the option of having/not having protective armor, I'd definitely get it. You would just have to sleep in it for it to be effective for home invasions.
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    I have some vests left over from LE. They are past their expiration date (meaningless, but a legal liability (scam) for LE agencies to keep replacing them).
    They have a crease from sitting, but I won't worry about that tiny loss of performance.

    Important is they be kept out of sunlight, (hanging in vehicle), etc., It breaks down the Kevlar.

    IMHO, a Kevlar vest would be a waste of time in a home-defense situation.

    The 'situation' will be concluded (on average) within 4-8 seconds.
    No sense dressing when you could be shooting.

    Where will vest be when you are watching TV with your family and the entry door comes crashing down.

    BGs will make sure you don't have time to "speed-dial" 911, much less 'get dressed' and find weapon.
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    I agree that most confrontations will be over by the time you could don a vest. However, I would like to have one available for those incidents that allowed me time to put it on. I also think it would be a nice addition for the day we may need to stand watch on our own neighborhood streets! I'll take one of those extras laying around with the crease in it, before you dispose of it that is!!

    Best, Tig

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    I now remember, I gave creased vest away, it was a long one I was 'issued' with sides & a gonad flap (like a catcher's suit). Snagged my old front/back only, with cover & pocket out the 'return' cart one night with no sides or flaps... when no one was looking, about 1+ years later. I STILL hated that thing... it could make me sweat in a snow-storm... and itch.

    When the big 'return' cart gets full (takes years), they sell it for a fortune (they use kevlar squares to make armored limos & such)... so much for 'phony' expiration date.

    I've seen mine in the back of a closet or two (never senn sunshine so are like new)... wonder what they're worth & what States they are legal to sell them in (I know they didn't used to be legal to sell to civillians, in all States).

    Why are non-LEOs called "civillians", when LEOs are "civillians", too?