Charter Arms Mag Pug Reviews

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    I had a Charter Arms Pug (.357 Mag) with 2 in bbl, 5 shot, fixed sights, 22 ozs, blued. i used it as an off-duty carry and plainclothes duty arm in the Detroit area in the 80s-90s.
    It was 100% accurate & reliable, but after many thousands of rounds, over 12 years, it began to show it wear, so I sold it cheap.

    I knew the gasses in the .357 mag escape without benefit in anything less than a 3 in barrel, so I carried .38 spcl +P+ and never felt under-armed.

    Porting a barrel for anything other than competition is silly, since the barrel length advantage is completely lost at the point the gasses are 'released' at the port.

    Now I have the CA .38 spcl 'On Duty' madel with shrouded hammer (snag free but SA capable) and it is very accurate, reliable, 5 shot, SS + polished alum, uses +Ps, and only weighs 13 ounces, PERFECTION!
    It has about 400 rounds of +P through it, so it is still like new.
    A lot of bang for ~$350. new.