Cartridge Case Annealing Fixture

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    I have done a good amount of research on properly annealing the neck and or shoulder of cartridge brass. Found that 700 deg. F is the low & 800 F. the high limit. Also found that all of the top bench rest shooters anneal their cases every firing for uniform neck tension and extended case life. A competitor in a registered bench rest match recently set a 600-yard record of less than 1", it was his 58th firing with that brass.

    I found a very reasonable cartridge brass-annealing fixture that is available called the Anneal-Rite. I have mine set up for .308 cases, cost was about $150.00 delivered. It can be found at Their phone is 479-629-5566.

    This unit works very slick for me and I can do 400 cases in an hour. Hope this proves useful to those interested in annealing their cases.
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    Thanks 30calpigshooter! This is a great lead.