Buying new pistol.

Discussion in 'Website Help' started by jeremy4198, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I am getting ready to buy a new 9m pistol. I have narrowed it down to the sig 226 or HK P30. Would love to hear opinions of which one is better.

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    You're asking about the purchase of two of "Gunville's" best semi auto handguns! I'd be thrilled, no, honored to own either of these. The P226 that is really making my hair stand on end is the new release of the MK 25 model. It was released for sale after the US Navy Seals approved it for sale to the civilian market. It's a fabulous piece on paper, never shot one but with a pistol of this quality you know it's going to be excellent. The MK 25 frame comes with an alloyed aluminum frame. This also comes with a stainless steel slide, Nitron coated which is tough as nails. The inner workings are also phosphate coated for ultra toughness and superb corrosion resistance. It only comes with a DA/SA trigger. They're shipping the Sig with night sights, three 15 round magazines and a certificate of authenticity that it's one of the Navy authorized collector's models. I guess you could buy one of the standard models around $800+/- or $1200+/- for the MK 25. On the street prices should come in less if you can find one at a gun shop at all. Order it now if you want one or forget it! There's going to be alot of information coming on this newest offering from Sig. I saw a short blurb in this month's Guns and Ammo about it.

    Now my impression of the HK P30 is also very high. Who doesn't like something from them? Price isn't a real admirable aspect of it but you're not talking about a Tauxxx here either. If you want absolute quality and reliability it's going to cost you in the same zone as the Sig, maybe less depending on your dealer and the model you go for. The pistol also packs 15 round magazines, I'm not sure how many come with it. It doesn't come equipped with night sights, just the HK luminescent paint. I'm not a big fan of the glow in the dark stuff but to each his own! One other thing I'm not sure of is the lever style magazine release that's located at the rear of the lower trigger guard rail. At least it's ambidextrous. One thing I should mention is that both of these models have varying amounts and designs of interchangeable back straps and side panels (palm swells). One interesting thing I discovered and may interest some, it comes with the type of rifling many people question, polygonal. It's the type of rifling you find in all Glock barrels. They don't like or recommend using lead bullets through these barrels. But the accuracy and barrel life far exceed standard lands and groove techniques. One thing I've noticed in my Glock barrel is their ability to stay clean. Like I said before though, these polygonal barrels will lead up fast and you'll end up with some serious problems if allowed to build up and it will! This also comes with a polymer frame and steel slide. They use a black oxide coating for corrosion resistance, no fancy name sorry!!

    One thing I think you should consider is the Walther PPQ. Now that is a sweet pistol just released. I would consider this a strong contender in your decision. I'll look up some info for you if you'd like. Right now I'm going to watch some football and enjoy a barley pop or two! I hope this info helped. If I left something out, let me know and I'll try and answer your question.