Browning Hi-Power Mark III Reviews

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by bobbybakeriv, May 12, 2006.

  1. bobbybakeriv

    bobbybakeriv New Member

    Perfect 9mm. Feels like an extension of ones arm. Mechanically solid and sleek.
  2. kdh6942

    kdh6942 New Member

    this is the first handgun i ever purchased almost 15 years ago. i have ran well over 4000 rounds of all types through this gun without fail, i even have a 30rd mag that it will empty as fast as you can pull the trigger. i have never done anything to the gun but clean it!!!!

    this is still my favorite of the 32 handguns i now own.

  3. aaronrkelly

    aaronrkelly Member

    This is the original high capacity wonder nine. It doesnt get any better than this.

    Mine is stone cold reliable and shoots scary accurate.

    Great gun and it has some history to it aswell....the BHP has been a duty gun for many armed forces and depts for over 60+ years.
  4. markhowe

    markhowe New Member

    I echo the comments of everyone else in terms of all the positive comments about this gun. My father and I own identical military version Mark III Made in Belgium hi-powers -and my son owns a hi-power practical model made in Belgium assembled in Portugal - all 9mm - these things will digest any 9mm ammo Ive found - from cheap practice ammo to the hot Federal Hydrashocks.

    All three are stone cold reliable and scary accurate - my father and son are both very much novice target shooters, but they are very impressive with this gun.

    My confidence level with this gun could not be higher - no question in my mind that I can put one or 14 rounds anywhere I want to put them. It is my everyday carry gun. The only exceptions I ever make are sometimes when I need something a little more concealable, Ill carry a Browning BDA 380. And, on rare occassions in the really hot summer time, the ultra-small but unreal reliable Baby Browning .25 cal. can be concealed if youre wearing anything more than a thong.

    Ive owned other guns by other maunfacturers and have sold them. But, Im glad that I had some good comparisons - its made me appreciate my Brownings all the more. The aforementioned line up of Browning pistols fits every need I ever have.
  5. Patrol

    Patrol Well-Known Member

    The Browning Hipower I have is the Tactical mk111 9mm. I had the 40 also awhile back and plan on getting one again some day. This pistol is absolutely my favorite pistol to shoot and the feel in my hand holding this pistol is better than any handgun ive ever held. Nothing wrong with single action either. I carry this and a 1911 45 all the time off duty. I recommend it.
  6. Grantini

    Grantini Active Member

    I have a relatively new MkIII .40. Great, thin, accurate gun. The only problem I have had with it was using cheap, Remington, Frangible ammo. They would consistently not clear and cycle with these rounds. Using high quality JHP's or ball ammo, it performs seamlessly.
  7. louismacote

    louismacote Well-Known Member

    Just bought this gun yesterday for $500. It IS a real Browning Mark III, and shows no sign of ever even being fired. Can't figure out why they priced it so low at the local shop, but I wasn't about to tell them that! In the first 200rds yesterday, it had 4 failures to eject. Chalk that up to break in, as I honestly don't think it has had more than 50 rds before me. One thing I can say about this gun: incredible shootability! Two handed, strong hand, weak hand, this thing is AMAZINGLY accurate. I hit a soda can at 45 yards the very first shot. Try that with my glock 19, and I will really need the high cap mags! After the break in, I have no complaints. I don't think I have ever been happier with a handgun.
  8. goldfalcon6

    goldfalcon6 Member

    Have fired many domestic & foreign models over 39 years, 26 in the Army. Hands down, my MKIII is the favorite, though 20 years old. Lost track of the number of rounds. Performs absolutely smooth as silk, with no modifications other than a Pachymer rubber grip. Feels perfect in my hand--solid, great balance, no rattles. Best accuracy of all that I own. This is the second Hi-Power I've owned. (First I bought in 1974 and carried while deployed, and banged-up the finish and grips.I treated it pretty roughly. Hence, I bought the MKIII). Both were/are jewels, worth more than I paid!
  9. goldfalcon6

    goldfalcon6 Member

    Can anyone recommend a laser for a Mark III? I've got a Crimson Trace grip laser on my Kimber Ultra Compact, and it is outstanding with my aging eyes.... My favorite is still my Browning, and the laser would be a huge assist.
  10. salvatore777

    salvatore777 New Member

    looking to buy a used browning hi-power mark III. email me if interested in selling.
  11. panther5547

    panther5547 New Member

    I'm very interested in purchasing a browning MKiii, however I can't find a dealer in the minneapolis/st paul area who carries it. Looking online I've found 3 models. a 10 capacity, 13 capacity, and a 13 capacity 75 anniversary edition. The 75 anniversary edition online is priced about 150-200 less anybody know why dealers don't carry this gun, and why the price difference. Thanks