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    Thanks for input guys, first yes i had fired other ammo through the weapon after this box with no problems just to make sure it wasnt the weapon. Next i bought that ammo at Dicks sporting Goods so im not real sure if they would replace it or do i need go direct to the company(remmington), that and i dont have the box(crap),besides the fact that i dont know if i ever want to shoot this type of ammo again, it left one hell of alot of crap in the gun, had me cleaning it for almost an hour.
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    Without the box Remington won't do anything, IMHO. But it's worth a try. The first thing that want is the batch number so they can look and see if there are any other filed complaints. You might let Dicks know about the problem so they are made aware of it. With all the problems you had including the crud they left behind would stop me from buying any. You might check the Remington website, maybe they have a customer forum that you could post your experiences with the junk. You might find out that there are others that had the same trouble.