Bin Ladens death

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    There is something fishy about the fact that no picture of Bin Laden's death has been shown to us. The 'official' word is that there was too much facial damage to show; such as eye missing, massive facial bone fractures;etc.

    Most of us know that a bullet in the face would make a small entrance hole and that the rupture damage comes after the bullet expands, blowing out the other side of the entrance wound.

    Here enters the problem. The U.S.A. is a signer of the Geneva Convention that allows only full metal jacket rounds to be carried by their armed forces.

    We are told that Bin Laden was shot as he came towards members of our Seal Team members. From the damages caused to his face that have been described...he would have to have been running backwards. Nope

    I can only come to the conclusion that he got the bullet (probably a .45 hollowpoint) execution style in the back of the head. Good. Too bad we can't tell the truth. I believe the Geneva convention restrictions need revision. Even your friendly town cop can use hollowpoint bullets.

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    at first i thought he was like megatron. drown in the sea, risen after how many days.

    when kim jong-il died.. a lot of speculations like yours happened too..

    they are seriously dead and already plotting something in hell that's for sure.

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