Best .45 ACP for me?

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by southphilly, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Will_Carry

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    If I payed that much money for a pistol, I'd take it out every night and smile too. I have tried carrying my 1911 (Colt) once and while practicing drawing it, the hammer got caught on my shirt tail. As much as I love my Colt, as accurate and reliable as it is, I don't carry it any more. I will either carry the Glock 36 with the +1 extended mag, or my XD-45 with 13+1. Most people who carry 1911 train exclusively with it so they won't forget to thumb the safety or get their shirt tail caught on the hammer.
  2. JustBen

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    The Glock is a superior combat fighting gun. I have a few concerns about the Springfield though. They are well made guns, but I do not like how the slide will not rack unless the grip safety is depressed. What happens if you are down to one hand and have to clear a jam ? The other thing is the spring type extractor. How reliable is it.

    I may be all wet, but I am throwing these comments out there to see what other people think. The other thing is that I do not know many police departments that use the Springfield.

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    @ justben ....... Two. :)