Best .357 Revolver for the Price????

Discussion in 'Website Help' started by bigbearclaw85, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. bigbearclaw85

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    I was looking at buying the S&W 686 but the price is very high so I was considering the Ruger GP100. What do you consider to be the Best .357 Revolver for the price?
  2. tigwelder56

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    The 686 is my favorite .357 DA revolver, hands down! There are several excellent revolvers on the market, Ruger especially, but the list is long and it comes down to what you want and are willing to spend. If you want a beat around revolver, buy a less expensive model, Taurus etc., but if you want something that is incredibly well made, dependable and will probably be something your great grandson will enjoy, go with the Smith. You won't be sorry!

  3. Will_Carry

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    The Ruger GP-100 is a poor man's Smith and Wesson. The model 686 may be the best .357 made. I own a GP-100 4" with Hogue mono-grips. It is rugged, reliable and accurate.

    The model 686 more refined than the GP-100, that is why it costs so much. If you can't afford the 686 get the GP-100 or save up a little more money. Smith and Wesson makes many other fine .357 revolvers. The model 27 in my favorite.

    After Ruger and Smith it's a crap shoot. You may get an excellent Taurus or Rossi then again you may get a POS.

    They do have lifetime warrenties but they do not have good quality control. Charter Arms makes affordable revolvers too. So here would be my recommendations in order:

    Smith $ Wesson




    Charter Arms

    EAA (POS)