Beretta Jet Fire 950 BS

Discussion in 'Buying/Selling' started by Walkingtall, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Walkingtall

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    A neighbor asked if I wanted to buy this Beretta for 225.00 (used), I don't know much about guns so wanted to get opinions on price here. Thanks
  2. tigwelder56

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    I've got a Jetfire and it's one of the best little .25's I've ever owned. I owned the double action Bobcat too, another Beretta that looks just like the Jetfire and it didn't work well enough to trust it. I'd ask him how old the pistol is, look at it and check for signs of wear and look at how it has been maintained. It should be clean and with minimal wear to ask that high of a price. The current Blue Book of Gun Values lists the price at $180.00 if it's like new and $140.00 for a gun in 98% condition. So your friend might want to rethink his price. Unfortunately people can't sell a used gun for near original prices. They lose value just like cars! Hope this helps!