Beretta 96 Reviews

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by rsmith3, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. james26

    james26 Member

    Im trying to decide what the better investment would be a beretta 96fs inox ss, or the new 96a1 any advice would be greatly appreciated this will be my first beretta purchase and im having a really hard time figuring out wich would be the best

  2. sgtbereniski

    sgtbereniski Member

    I own a P96 Brigadier 40 S&W and I love it. I've had it for 3 years now and it is still going. My only problems was the original buffer rod was plastic, and it broke. Easy fix and no problems with atleast 4,000 rounds through it. I broke a locking lug on my P92 at 2,700 round, so very impressed with this one.
  3. firedawg60

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    I'm with james26, I've been looking towards a 96A1. I figured there might be something on here about them. Any words??
  4. pgdion

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    I'm holding out for a 96A1 myself now too. I like the rail on it. Would make it complimentary and contrasting to my 92FS at the same time. Same but different ... cool. Saw one once in all SS with back grips. One of the coolest looking guns I've ever seen. Wish I would have had $700 on me!