Back-up gun for Army Officers?

Discussion in 'Military & Police' started by k9sarge, Mar 6, 2007.

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    I was wondering if there is a service member that can answer a question for me.

    My son is 21 and will be going into the Army in June. He goes to basic then to OCS. I was thinking a good present for him when he graduates from OCS would be a back-up hand gun. My question is; are officers permited to carry back-up weapons when they are in a war zone. He doesn't know what his branching will be, but chances are he will get some combat arm. (He wants infantry) Anyway if there is someone out there who could help me out it would be much appreciated.

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    My Daughter deploys to Iraq at the end of April. I had the same thought, but she told me that personal weapons are not allowed. She also is an officer. She's been assigned an M4 carbine and a Beretta 9mm. Her's is a non combat position, so she will leave the M4 in the armory when she's in her office, however she'll wear the 9mm at all times.

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    Wallen, Thanks for the info.. And, God bless your daughter and her service to our country.
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    Hey, I'm an Infantry Officer in the Army and wallen is right, no personal weapons. The reason is something to do with ensuring that all weapons are humane. Same reason we can't modify rounds or modify weapons without someone official doing it. It's a shame, I know a lot of guys who'd like to carry some .45's
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    I've got a quick question for you Cole31. I see repeated pictures of our Soldiers and Marines carrying and using AK-47's. Is that something allowed or simply tolerated? Certainly nothing wrong with an AK but it surprises me to see it used so frequently by US Forces. You mentioned people wishing they could carry .45's. Why won't they allow all members the opportunity to carry the .45 or 9mm? They allow all the Special Forces to carry .45's and they allow them to carry suppressed Ruger MkIII 22LR's. I think the Beretta 9mm being issued is pretty weak, especially after going through layers of clothing and generally at distances that reduce the effectiveness of the 9mm round. Are they still allowing only 9mm ball ammunition? I think they need to re-evaluate the side arms we are fitting our troops with. I personally am all for going back to the 1911 .45acp. That is a no BS defensive and offensive bullet! God bless you and thanks for your service!!
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    Well the official answer is no, they should not be carrying and using the AK's. The real world answer is if they find one and prefer it they'll probably carry it along with their personal weapon. They're durable and reliable, not nearly as temperamental as the M-4. But the Army also has familiarization ranges with foreign weapons just in case.

    Special Forces is just that, special. They get to try out anything they want, I have a couple of friends that were with groups and they would get new and different equipment all the time. They generally took whatever was suited to the mission.

    As far as the 9mm, it's here with just ball ammunition and while the Army talks about moving on it doesn't look like it's coming any time soon. There was a push a year or two ago for a new .45 but the requirements eliminated the 1911 as a possibility. Only thing I can say to defend the Army is that they tend to operate under this rule; quantity, quality, or quickly...pick two.
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    i know things change. but one thing that i am sure of

    is that rank has it privileges. i am a vet from the first

    gulf war, as a small arms repairman i saw a few personal

    weapons over there. my bn. csgm @ cmdr he was a full

    bird. both carried colt commanders. very nice sidearms.

    at this time the .45 was going though the switch over

    however these were not gi issue.

    to all of the serving in harms way god bless and

    leave no one behind.
  8. sittingmoose10.31_51shaman

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    In the 'Nam everyone carried,risked the court martial,an' kept their mouths shut.
  9. jdeangelis99

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    Glock 23 as a backup gun
  10. louismacote

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    In the begining years of the Iraq war, there were many private hanguns and shotguns that were "shortened" brought over there. Guys found out real fast that even an M4 can be too long for quickly clearing small rooms, and that it's poor performance with the green tip round was dangerous to the user in close range engagements.

    Very few military officers actually need a "back up gun", as they shouldn't be firing much in the first place. Excluding spec ops and pilots, an M4 or Mossberg will serve them just fine.

    If the military ever wises up, they will start issuing 40/45 cal pistols to lower enlisted men who actually do the room clearing. Pistol carrying by officer's is just a waste of money and a sign of prestige. Meanwhile the E6s and below have to go without, or break the law and bring their own guns and leave them there.

    Here is an idea: issue an 8inch over/under shotgun to each man on an infantry fireteam. Two short barrels with 00Buck slung in a thigh holster may sound like a movie farse to some, but that is exactly what I would want to get myself out of a jam in a dark room. Grunts ain't woosies, they can handle the recoil, and the guns would be real cheap. I got the idea from an Iraqi bodygaurd I met who had one he made himself. Simple, and effective.
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    just bring back the flamethrower room cleared and dinner served at the same time semper fi
  12. azprospector

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    In a small room, almost anything over 12 or 14 inches long is almost too big. I'm still waiting for my laser pistol to arrive. I sent away for it in 1953. It was supposed to come with a complimentary Cracker Jack 10 cent off coupon. Wonder if I'll ever get it.
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    BWAHAHAHA!!! It probably got lost in the same pile as my comic books.
  14. sittingmoose10.31_51shaman

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    ... nothing beats the Colt .45 Auto-


    The firearm is simply, just too proven

    throughout history.

    A Colt Field Commander .45 as primary

    holstered weapon, with a 3" bbl

    version of the same as backup...

    If I were a Major... I'd go with

    the best- Marines and weapon!

    grr-rizzzzz weasels rip my enemies'


    Hey, I gots tons of ol' comics too...
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    In the military, your sidearm is your BUG [Back Up Gun] and your rifle is your 'Primary'.

    In LE, and CC your sidearm is your 'Primary' and any secondary sidearm is your BUG.

    No matter what you are carrying, if you only have one firearm with you, it is your 'Primary'.
  16. whitehood

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    As a very drunk Russian once told me in his heavily accented English while blowing his vodka breath in my face, " A pistol is only good for suicide or execution."
  17. St8Shooter

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    OK... Current Army Capt. will redeploy to the stan in April(what I hear now), and was in the first gulf deploy war. No Army soldier is authorized to carry a personel weapon overseas or while in uniform stateside unless in service to his/her duty and an issued weapon.

    Personally I think this sucks but oh well.. The reason for this is logistics. Ammo and having weapon serviced from the armorer. When you deploy you receive your weapon after boots on ground. Depending on your mission will depend on what is issued. If you are on a FOB(foward operating base, see fobbit LOL) you may not even have a weapon.
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    Take the gun overseas anyway. You will have to ditch it on the way back to get through customs. I dont know bout the stan but headed into Iraq there was no customs check

    Headed out was a diff story.

    Found some weapons in country.

    You can "acquire" weapons if you are in the right area.

    I would have taken one over then just sold it end of tour unless you are tight with the guy doing the customs check.