Assault on our right's

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    If you have not written your Congressman and Senators urging them to vigorously appose Senator Feinstein’s assault on the Bill of Rights you need to write or call them right now. liberty has never met with so much adversity as it does today in our capitol. We must maintain our right to protect ourselves, our freedom, and our loved ones. If Feinstein's bill passes, many of you will instantly become criminals with the stroke of a pen. Do not sit and watch! :x

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    Tell it Judge !! I have been steady writing my State & Fed Congressional Reps for the past 5 years on a very regular basis.

    Also, I donate regular to the NRA, despite being a life member. I send the GOA, SAF, NAGR, etc., donations every chance I get, as well, but the NRA is the one entrenched and with the clout to demand our rights.
    These lobbies are 'OUR' LAST CHANCE to maintain our 'Bill-of-Rights' for the forseeable future.

    The Marxists are ensuring our schools, military posts, theaters, malls, etc., remain 'unprotected-through-Gun-Control' towards furthering their cause to DISARM us and dissolve our U.S. Constitution.

    I recently sold a firearm, that I could live without, and donated the entire proceeds to the NRA.
    This month, I will somehow scrape-up another donation. I will never quit.