Any Military/LE in the house?

Discussion in 'Military & Police' started by GTS197, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. GTS197

    GTS197 Member

    What weapon systems do you employ?

    My primary is an M4 type rifle that I built.

    DPMS lower receiver

    CMT upper receiver (A3 type)

    Bushmaster 16 M4 profile barrel (chrome lined, 1:9)

    RRA 6-pos tele-stock


    Tangodown VFG

    EOTech 551 on a GG&G Accucam mount

    Gladius tactical light on a LaRue offset light mount

    Blackhawk 3-pt swift sling

    Bushmaster lo-pro buis

    Secondary weapon is a Kimber Custom TLE, .45 ACP

    Backup is a Glock 19, 9mm
  2. RubberChicken

    RubberChicken New Member

    I have a DPMS with a aimpoint sight and tactical front grip with a light built in. One point sling attachment on the stock.

  3. devildog724

    devildog724 Member

    us marine corps

    m16a2 with m203 40mm grenade launcher

    m240 saw


    mortars, artillery and air strikes via radio call

    Semper Fidelis
  4. NHfather

    NHfather New Member

    6 yrs with US Coast Guard followed by 17 yrs with Fed L/E.

    Carried various pistols but I loved the Steyr Aug machine gun!

    My son is a Marine, currently in Pensacola, FL.

    I just purchased a Glock 23 and cant wait to try it out. I liked the Glock 19 that I carried as a service weapon.
  5. giblets1812

    giblets1812 Member

    17 1/2 yrs USAF, AC-130 Gunship, my weapon carries me.
  6. janger4

    janger4 Member

    3 yrs. Active Duty and now in the Army National Guard. While I Iraq, I carried and manned the 240B Machine Gun plus the M16A4, M9 Beretta(Piece of crap), and a 12 Ga. Shotgun. Oh yeah, cant forget the AT4 we had to lug around.
  7. XXOXX

    XXOXX Well-Known Member

    I could tell you, but then Id have to kill ya. *LMAO*
  8. mrpoman99

    mrpoman99 Member

    8 Years USAF Combat Arms Instructor.

    I teach on a variety of military weapons.

    M4 colt


    M9 beretta

    M203 GL colt

    M240B MG FN

    M249 SAW FN

    M2 .50 CAL MG BR

    M870 remington SG

    M15 revolver S&W

    I love my job for the most part. I love teaching, I love guns!

    - Sean
  9. raymo

    raymo New Member

    Primary is a Colt Commando: Aimpoint comp2ml, vertical foregrip, rigged up a two point sling from an old mp5 sling for easier carry, transitions and hands on. Good old 550 cord works just as well.

    Secondary is an M9 variant.

    L/R is M24: bipod, US Optic variable 4x-17x.

    Big knife, med knife, small knife, dirk and neck tie.
  10. Patrol

    Patrol Well-Known Member

    Former 0331 Marine M2 50cal in the turet on my humvee-M60 E3 with the heavier E2 vietnam era heavy barrel in the passenger side window shot from the vehicle as well and the Mark 19 auto grenade launcher in the cargo on stand by to trade off with the 50 to clear mine fields for travel. M9 on my side with KBar. That was the Gulf standard carry for us heavy guns platoon.

    That was long ago. Police Senior Officer now 13yrs in L.E. S&W M&P 40 duty pistol 12 guage Remmington 870 with 18inch slug barrel in my patrol car along with an M14 in the trunk for special situations.
  11. S&W910

    S&W910 Well-Known Member

    wonder if Department of Corrections for the State of Texas counts........
  12. PKGunsmithing

    PKGunsmithing New Member

    33 years Air Force Pararescue. Currently the Superintendent of Weapons and Tactics for AFSOC. We carry the M-4 with SOPMOD upgrades, and of course the Beretta 92FS.
  13. S&W910

    S&W910 Well-Known Member

    Pk what was your opinion of the 92fs compared to say a Glock or another weapon?
  14. prplehrtvet72704

    prplehrtvet72704 Member

    9yrs w/ WVARNG injured in Iraq in 04, now they say I'm unfit for duty.

    Ma Duece


    M9 Junk

    Ka Bar
  15. Pitt_MP

    Pitt_MP Member

    Military Policeman deploying to Iraq in January...........

    how is everyone
  16. S&W910

    S&W910 Well-Known Member

    even if you're not fit enough for them the least you could be given is a job ya could do somewhere here or at an embassy or something like that.
  17. prplehrtvet72704

    prplehrtvet72704 Member

    I think what I'm going to do is go back to school and let them pay for it. The VA has a pretty good program called Vocational Rehab.

    I think I'll do that and open up my own business or something.
  18. louismacote

    louismacote Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your sacrifice prplehrtvet. I got one of those medals too, but fortunately I am still good to go. Just some little pieces of medal in unimporant places.

    6 years paratrooper 11B

    Spent most of my time on the M4, and M249 (piece of crap)

    Carried all the other small arms systems and spent some time on a scout sniper team with M24s and Barretts.

    Loved the M24, M4, Mossberg, and 240B.

    Hated the M249, and Berretta.

    As a squad leader I would have rather had an extra 2 M203 systems then the overweight and poorly made M249s.
  19. tigwelder56

    tigwelder56 Well-Known Member

    This thread has been quiet for far too long! I would really appreciate hearing from our people in uniform. Tell us where you're at, what you're carrying and what you think. Please know that we have the utmost of respect for you and are proud of your accomplishments and service to the greatest country on the planet, the USA!! People that are on the other side of the big pond need to know what's going on. We don't get the straight scoop from this biased liberal media. You deserve a place to make your feelings known and I hope you feel free to share your thoughts here, on your forum. Without your service, our freedom of speech wouldn't exist.

    You guys and gals ROCK!!! I hope to hear from you when you get a chance to share your thoughts. God Bless you all and stay safe...

    Thanks, Tig
  20. VernC

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    Just found this site while tracking down the location of the Washoe County Range. It seems to be a great site.

    I'm ex Air Force, 16 years (53 thru 68), Security Police Instructor and Special Operations. I originally trained on the 1911A1 and M1 rifle, but eventually qualified to teach the Thompson SMG, M3 Grease Gun, M1 & M2 Carbine,M14, M16, AK47, and the Makarov.

    I've given my long guns to my kids but still have a Bernetta 92, S&W M&P, and Bersa UC 45.