am i eligible to purchase a handgun?

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    (idk what topic to use for this)

    Earlier this week, I applied for a permit to purchase a handgun in Minnesota. Details about me:

    I am 21 years of age. Nothing on my criminal record, aside from a few traffic convictions. When I was 16, I had a 5th-degree assault charge, but that was dismissed after a 6-month probation of no-same-or-similar-offenses. Later, when I still 16, I went to treatment at my mother's request (NOT court-ordered, we went in at our own choice) for "weed addiction" according to her. I completed treatment and moved on.

    I also have a mental healthy history; when I was 15, I was hospitalized for depression. Once again, this was not court-ordered, and I was still a minor, and I was there for 10 days.

    My question is this: are the above-mentioned things going to result in my permit application being denied? There is nothing on my immediate criminal record that would indicate an ineligibility, and the only grey areas exist once you start digging.

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    I NC, it's up to the sheriff whether to give a pistol permit or not. Generally speaking they do not check hospitals for drug treatment or other stuff. If you get turned down you do have the option of going to a judge and talking to him/her to get it over ruled.

    I would google search the pistol permit requirements in the great state of Minnesota and see what could disqualify you. I think you will be OK.

    The first time I applied for a pistol permit it was denied becuase in 1984 some fellow named Will Carry assualted a police officer in Hoke county. I had to prove that it was not me. Then the second time I applied for a pistol permit it was denied because a Bill Carry in New Hampshire who's birth day was the same as mine, had failed to appear in court for a traffic ticket. It turns out that the date on the ticket was 1966 instead of 1956 but it has been recorded wrong.

    When I got my concealed carry permit I no longer had to go to the sheriff for a permit. Concealed carry holders can buy a handgun without a permit.

    HERE> I GOOGLED IT FOR YOU: But I would bet you have already read this ;)

    Complete application. All areas of application must be filled in completely. Falsified applications will be reviewed for possible criminal prosecution.

    You must be 18 years old to acquire or possess a handgun or military-style assault weapon. Federal law requires you to be 21 years old to acquire handguns from licensed dealers.

    You must not have been convicted of a crime of violence. Definitions of crimes of violence can be found in MN Statue 624.712 subdivision 5. This portion does not apply if 10 years has lapsed since your sentence has expired.

    You must not have been convicted of 5th degree assault as defined in MN Statue 609.224 subdivision 3, paragraph (b).

    You must not have been convicted of domestic assault as defined in MN Statue 609.2242.

    You must not have been court ordered committed to a treatment facility. This portion does not apply if documentation can be provided that you have completed treatment. (Peace Officer must be provide information pertaining to informal treatment programs attended).

    You must not have been convicted of unlawful use, possession or sale of a controlled substance.

    You must not have been convicted of a felony unless 10 years has lapsed since completion of your sentence.

    You must not be a fugitive. Any type of warrant (petty parking) classifies you as a fugitive.

    You must not be a user of a controlled substance. Controlled substances are defined in MN Statue 152.

    You must be a US Citizen or Legal Alien.

    You must not have been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces.

    You must not be the subject of a restraining order.

    Permit Background Check Inquiry

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    many states and the fed ask about history of mental illiness,and there will be a background check...goodluck..