Advice for a first time pistol owner

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by Noleforever9399, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    This is my first post here, been reading for awhile so I finally decided to join!

    Alittle backround info to start off with, I'm 21 been around guns my whole life and I definitely have a passion for them. I've shot plenty of handguns but I have never owned one, but I have been itching to buy one.

    So I finally broke down and bought my first one: a Ruger P91dc. I got it for 250 plus tax. I know that it is somewhat tank-like but it is a ruger and since it is used it figured I would go with a company that has a reputation(a well deserved one) of being tough and long lasting.

    So to my questions: Did I get a good deal here? And to anyone that owns or has owned one what can you tell me about it? Also I've been looking at .22 Heritage Arms pistols, and everything I have been reading about them has been pretty good conidering what they are. Anyone have any advice on them?

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    first..heritage is a fun cheap gun i own one, its fun to shoot, that being said it would not be my first choice for presonal defence or home defence as for the ruger go to the book store and by the gun blue book if you really want to get into guns and there value,now save your money and by a quality gun i promise you won,t regret it............

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    I think you got a good deal on the P-91. I have been looking at Heritage 22 revolvers too. They are "affordable" handguns and I have read more good than bad reviews on them. I think at your age you are wise to buy affordable weapons of good quality. I have a Ruger Single Six 22 revolver and it's not particularly accurate and not as much fun to shoot as a semi-auto 22. Single action revolvers are slow to load and slow to fire, the semi-auto will be more fun.

    A Browning Camper costs $325 The Kel Tec PLR costs $275. Ruger Mark IIIs are going for as little as $250. Smith and Wesson 22A is $250 and Beretta U22Neos is $230.

    The Browning Camper is SwEEET! the Mark III, a classic!
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    Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it. I picked my Ruger up yesterday and gave it a good cleaning as it definitely needed one. I took it out today and put about 75 rounds through before it got to dark and I'm very pleased with the gun. Recoil is almost nonexistent as the gun has a nice heft to it, which is nice for a first time pistol owner to not have to worry about the recoil. Accuracy was also fairly good, although I could definitely use more practice lol. Overall it's looking like I made a good buy on that gun.

    As for the Heritage Rough Rider I'm definitely leaning towards wanting to get one of those. I've been talking to more and more people who own them at my work(an outdoors store) and everyone I have talked to has been really happy with their gun. They all say that it is a ton of fun. So maybe I can talk my girlfriend into getting me one for Christmas :)