72 year old man defends himself against punks

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    72 year old Jack Crawford answered the door to a knock and was instantly struck with a baseball bat by one of the 3 teens that apparently intended to rob him, possibly even kill him. Being wary about a knock on his door on a saturday night, Mr. Crawford had brought his gun with him, shooting two of the 3 punks after being hit in the head with an aluminum bat. He did not shoot the third because the chicken shit turned and was running away so he would have had to shoot him in the back.

    I applaud Mr. Crawford for several reasons, first, a strong skull, second, fighting these punks off despite a bat to the head, third, having the restraint not to shoot the third chicken shit that was running away. I know many of us would fear a criminal charge against him for it, which would be wrong had he done it, in my opinion. Fourth, he exposed these punks for the cowards they are and because of his actions they will likely go to prison for quite a while rather than succeed against others.

    Hooray Mr. Crawford!!


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    I miss Brian B...... he was a good friend and had a lot of great input and a great sense of humor.