709 Headed South - Again!!

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by newtman, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. newtman

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    I took my 709 out again this past Sunday. It failed to extract about 25% of the time. When I got it back the first time, it fired almost flawlessly for about 200 rounds. It ate WWB, Remington UMC, Atlanta Arms, anything. It only FTE'd about 3 times and I took the blame for those, thinking maybe I just didn't have my wrist stiff enough or grip tight enough. But Sunday, I could not go through one mag without at least two FFT's. When I do get the thing back, I'm selling it. I don't think I can bet my life on it
  2. newtman

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    Update on the '709'. After the 3rd trip do FL, it came back and shot like a different weapon altogether. It hasn't failed one time. Something I did though, was to run nothing but high-grade ammo through it. I must have shot about 4 boxes of Hornaday through it - but it never failed. PMC was recommended to me at the gun store for target work. I bought some, and again, not a hiccup.
    I have probably run 500 rounds through it since I got it back this last time and it shoots great. As may suspect, I ended up keeping it and it became my EDC.

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    Taurus has pledged to make better quality products. Since they have a lifetime warranty they don't need quality control so the really gun guns get through but so do the bad ones. I really like Taurus. They have some cool guns but after having to deal with sending a pistol back and waiting for months, only to get it back and have it fail again after ten shots, I can't see myself ever buying another one. Sorry Taurus, reep what you sow.
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    I bought a Taurus 605 snubby and the first one looked like it had been shot many times, but it came right from the wholesaler. It did not function freely and had a significant machining mark just inside the muzzle end of the barrel. Luckily my buddy with the FFL got the wholesaler to give me another one. The second one looked fine and everything seemed to work smoothly. The first few rounds everything works great, but as soon as you try to run 2 or 3 cylinders through it, the trigger locks up and the gun will not fire. The cylinder also gets extremely hot and you can no longer reload it after using it. What a piece of junk.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    Tough luck on a rev there, JustBen.
    I have had a Taurus P-85 Titanium for many years. Shoots anything I run through it. Put 200 rounds thru it in a day with zero probs.
    But, how to mess up a chunk of titanium?? LOL I've run .38 +P+ thru it with no probs.

    Titanium looks interesting... more blue where machined with multi-color at diff angles.
    A great snubby at 17 oz, but my CA "On Duty" snubby with shrouded hammer, alum + SS is my 1st grab at 13 ounces when I go for a snubby, but it sure scratches easy.

    It is difficult to get many ft/lbs out of a 2 in barrel, but 115 gr Corbon +P, polymer filled JHPs seem to give me the Max.

    I also have a Taurus PT145 .45acp semi (10+1) with a 220 lumen lite on the rail, with +P Corbon Pow'rBalls as my couch gun. They need 200+ rounds & a good cleaning before I can get the feed/eject to 100%.

    If it ever fails me, I'll just wreck/bury it in the yard. No returns for me.
    It has been perfection for many years.