40 cal.

Discussion in 'New Gun Owners' started by Boone, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Boone

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    I've shot my weapon quiet a lot now and I have found that it is a heavy pistol and the disassembleing for cleaning to be diffecult.As far as shooting it it is a very accurate and I like the safety,how it is easy to use.I think there needs to be some sort of a change for the assembly for the recoyle spring and needing to use a tool to remove the retainer pin,these changes would help make this weapon a top seller and great pistol.
  2. Gloc9mm

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    Boone, Maybe I missed something, but what Gun are you referring to?

  3. robalan

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    I bet he is talking about a Hi-Point 40.
  4. razr

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    Boone, you'll need to stop taking that stuff. Or ship some to me so I can keep up with you brother.