.357 rhino

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by redhawk, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. redhawk

    redhawk Member

    does anyone know why it shoots from the bottom of the cylinder? if it is for less recoil and works than why doesnt every revolver do that?
  2. Will_Carry

    Will_Carry Well-Known Member

    It's supposed to reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil. The firing mechanizm looks like the insides of a Swiss watch. I would like to try on out to see what it shoots like. The 6 inch version looks cool.

  3. Gloc9mm

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    Redhawk wrote: "why doesnt every revolver do that? ",

    The probable answer (If made like a "Swiss Watch" as per Will) to your question is that the difference in Cost wouldn't be worth it to many people. I haven't seen one as yet, my Range doesn't carry it. I wish I had cause I just purchased a new Ruger 357. It's a nice Gun but I'm using 38+P to Carry cause I was Trained to Double-Tap and 38 Ammo is a lot easier to do so than 357 with a Ruger LCR.
  4. JustBen

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    Tactical Defense Institute in southern Ohio has a good Snubby Revolver class that anyone using a snubby as a primary or even a back up could benefit from.