3 gun matches ?

Discussion in 'Competition' started by wyf, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. wyf

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    Has anyone shot in a 3 gun match I have wanted to go check one out but no time, so can yall give me the lowdown.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    I shot for the State of MI for several years and a County SO before that.

    Handgun was 60ft Combat course, Carbine was 50 & 100 yds & SG was high-speed-trap.

    Idea was to use service weapons, but many/most had personally owned upgrades.

    LE Dept's didn't issue 6 in revolvers with front-adj sights. LOL

  3. wyf

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    thanks goanra,

    I will have to give it a try it sounds like fun
  4. Brad270

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    I have only shot once in a 3-Gun competition so I don't know if there is a standard course or not. The one I did had 6 stations. First station was AR prone position. As soon as your belly hit the mat the timer started. 2 targets At 50 yds get 5 rounds each. The second target was head shots only due to a hostage in front (points off if you hit the hostage). Second station is AR standing freehand (no leaning) with the same target presentation. Third and fouth stations are Freehand handgun at 25 yds with the same presentations as the AR. Fifth and sixth stations are shotgun poppers with some hostages mixed in, 10 rounds each station. The timer stops when you fire the last shot and go safe. The score is determined by your accuracy and time.

    It helps if you use a semi auto pistol instead of a revolver and have speed loaders for your shotgun or have a magazine fed semi auto shotgun since the weapons must be cleared before you can move to the next station. It was a blast. You definitely should try it.