22LR conversion for GLOCK and AR15

Discussion in 'Training' started by louismacote, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. louismacote

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    -Due to rising costs of ammo, many are turning to 22LR conversion kits, and replacement uppers for their glocks and ARs.

    -I am considering this, but don't want to waste money on something that doesn't work reliably.

    -I have found conversion bolt carrier groups for the AR, that cost approx $150; and replacement upper receivers that cost approx $400. The glock upper for 22LR costs approx $248.

    -Has anyone used any of these products?
  2. louismacote

    louismacote Well-Known Member

    Personally, I would rather have a seperate 22 for playing around with. I would not want to get used to Fireing 22's in my Carry Gun. Have you looked at Glock 22 Prices? Maybe for just a few Bucks more, you can get an entire new Gun??

  3. lrgcal4fun

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    Hay Louis, I have an Advantage Arms conversion for my glock and am very happy with it. I have only tested one type of ammo in it so far (so I can't say how accurate it is) but the performance has been great. I have just one complaint. The barrel leads up quickly and requires some careful work to get the riflings clean.
  4. james1300

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    How about a Replacement bolt kit?

    I got mine from 'Midway'. $200.00

    Came with 3 mag's (they look like 'full size mag's).

    This allows me to practise with my full size rifle.

    The weight of the rifle remains close to the same as a .223.

    I can still use the same trigger pull and shoot 22LR.